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Old Street – Central London Zen Meditation Group


Next Tuesday (27  Feb) we will discuss the chapter Robe, pp. 22 to 24. Those who want to do further reading can try the chapter 12 of the Shobogenzo called Kesa-Kudoku.


Another wonderful study session yesterday that left us pondering if and how we would bow to Donald Trump!

Next week (20 Feb) we will tackle the chapter ‘Each Activity Is Sacred’, pp. 19-21.

Those who wish to do further reading can try ‘Tenzo Kyokun: Instructions for the Tenzo’. This text is also available via www.thezensite.com.

See you next week!

Edgar, 14 Feb 2018

Great study session again yesterday. Next week (6 Feb) we will talk about the chapter ‘Samadhi’ (pp. 13 ff.)

Those of you who want to do some additional reading, you can now download for free and completely legally the entire Nishijima-Cross translation of the Shobogenzo. All four volumes are available as four separate pdf files on


under ‘dogen teachings’.

If you have a Kindle e-reader, you can send the pdf files to your Kindle e-mail address and write ‘convert’ into the subject line of the mail. The pdf is then converted into a reasonable e-book that you can read on the reader.

As further reading for the session on 6 Feb I suggest chapter 72 ‘Zanmai-o-zanmai’ which can be found in the third volume of the Nishijima-Cross edition of the Shobogenzo.

Edgar, 31 Jan 2018


Following our great first study group session last Tuesday, we are ready to move on to the chapter ‘Zazen’, pp. 8 – 12 for Tuesday, 30 January. Try to read the text in advance and think of comments and questions. This greatly enriches the discussion!

Edgar, 28 Jan 2018


  • From TUESDAY 23 JANUARY 2017 onwards, zazen will start at 6.30 pm (instead of 7.00 pm). The session will end approximately at 7.45 pm (instead of 8.15 pm).
  • It will still be possible to join the zazen session half-way at 7.00 pm sharp. But please don’t ring the door bell before 7.00 to not disturb those who are already there. Those coming for the first time cannot join a 7.00, but should attend the introduction at 6.15.
  • The introduction for those coming for the first time to a London Zen group will start at 6.15 pm.
  • From 8.00 pm to roughly 8.45 pm there will be a new STUDY GROUP, also starting on 23 JANUARY. This group is for those who wish to study and discuss fundamental texts of the Zen Buddhist tradition. It is open to everybody, and it is possible to join us at 8.00 for the study session only. But I would encourage everybody of course to come to the zazen sessions as well. None of the texts we are going to study can really be understood without the practice of zazen.
  •  We will start off studying some writings of Ehei Dogen who is the 13th’s century founder of the Soto Zen school and the author of some of the finest texts every written about Buddhism and Zen. We will use The Essential Dogen. Writings of the Great Zen Master, edited by Kazuaki Tanahashi and Peter Levitt (2013, Boston, London: Shambala). This book is available on Amazon as a paper copy or as Kindle ebook. There is also an excellent audio book version available on Audible, so you can even listen to your Dogen on your way to work!
  • We will cover a chapter each week, beginning with ‘Aspiration and Search’ on 23 January. I will have some copies of the book available to share, but I would like to encourage everybody who thinks about participating to buy the book and read the chapters in advance and maybe even write down some notes. From experience, this greatly improves the quality of the discussion.
  • Please also read the excellent introduction of The Essential Dogen in advance! Dogen is known for his sometimes literally mind-boggling use of language and you will find it a lot easier to follow if you have prepared yourself a bit.
  • Another good and very accessible introduction is Brad Warner (2007). Sit Down And Shut Up. Novato: New World Library, especially pp. 17-29.
  • I will ask for a contribution of an extra £3.00 pounds to cover the venue costs for the study group.

Edgar, 7 January 2018


Bunhill Fields Friends Meeting House (Quakers)
Quaker Court

The meeting house is located within the off-street Quaker Gardens. It can be accessed via Banner Street or Bunhill Row/Chequer Street (opposite the much larger Bunhill Fields park).


Group Responsible: Edgar Koeb

Contact Edgar on 07841 323 260

Click here to send an email message to Edgar

Underground Lines:

Old Street – Northern Line
Barbican – Hammersmith & City, Circle and Metropolitan lines

Overground Lines:

Moorgate or Old Street – Great Northern

Regular Zazen Schedule

Tuesday Evenings at  6:30pm – 7:45pm, Dogen study group from 8:00pm to 8:45pm  –  General public introductions for newcomers at 6:15pm – why not join us?



To help us with our rent and bills, we request £5.00 recommended, £3.00 concessions (really broke? pay what you can) – or monthly £25 recommended, £30 ordained  (paying monthly allows you to attend any of the 4 practice places we have in London)